Example application, how an application should look like.

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Example application, how an application should look like.

Post by Palmik on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:29 pm

  • Character name: Palmik
  • Class: Druid
  • Talent spec you are applying with for the guild: Resto
  • Current Spec: 5/0/46 (the last few points were hard to assign Very Happy)
  • Relevant stats:

    • Intelect: +135
    • Spirit: +68
    • HB: 490
    • MP5: 24

  • Gear:

    • Head: [Insightful Hood]
    • Neck: [Enchanted South Seas Kelp]
    • Shoulders: [Mantle of Lost Hope]
    • Back: [Hide of the Wild]
    • Chest: [Robes of the Exalted]
    • Wrists: [Sublime Wristguards]
    • Hands: [Gloves of Restoration]
    • Waist: [Sash of Mercy]
    • Legs: [Padre's Trousers]
    • Feet: [Boots of the Full Moon]
    • Finger: [Emerald Flame Ring]
    • Finger: [Primalist's Seal]
    • Trinket: [Mindtap Talisman]
    • Trinket: [Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas]
    • Main Hand: [Simone's Cultivating Hammer]
    • Held In Off-hand: [Tome of Divine Right]
    • Relic: Yeah, I have almost all relics apart from the [Idol of Rejuvenation] Sad
    • I'm aware of the fact, that not all of my gear pieces are really pre-raid BiS (namely neck, wrists and perhaps ring). Also Ace of Beasts is still successfully eluding me. Smile

  • Raid experience RETAIL VANILLA:

    • ZG 0/6 and 0/4 Optional
    • Molten Core 0/10
    • Blacwing Lair 0/8
    • Onyxia's Lair 0/1
    • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 0/6
    • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 0/9
    • Naxxramas 0/15

  • Raid experience FEENIX WARSONG 12x:

    • ZG 6/6 and 0/4 Optional
    • Molten Core 0/10
    • Blacwing Lair 0/8
    • Onyxia's Lair 0/1
    • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 1/6
    • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 0/9
    • Naxxramas 0/15

  • Class/spec experience:
    To be honest, I do not have much of a first hand experience with resto druid (raided as a rogue on retail during TBC days). But I have learned a lot from friends of mine, internet guides and the little ingame experience I had with resto druid... still, if there is anything to improve on my resto druid gameplay (and surely there is), I'm ready to work on it. Smile
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Age: 20

  • Do you know anyone in Legend?
    No. (AFAIK)
  • What kind of person are you?
    I am student of computer science. I like math, reading books, watching series & movies (I like fiction and anything that makes you think Smile). Oh, and I like World of Warcraft.
  • Why do you want to join Legend?
    I value my free time dearly so I want to be part of a guild of high quality, plus I would like to progress & explore new content (as I have not raided during Vanilla).
  • What can you bring to the guild?
    Innervate, Rebirth and hopefully decent heal (someone else should be the judge of that Smile).
  • Playing on any other character?
    Not actively. I leveled a rogue with friends of mine and apart from that and few BGs I do not play on that toon.
  • How long have you played on Feenix, Warsong 12x?
    Around 7 days of online time.
  • Have you been in any other guilds?
    Yes -- namely Vir Aeternum. Sadly, many people there seemed to be so afraid of progress (and the wipes connected with it) that after few attempts on unprogressed (to us) content, the attendance went so low, that we were not even able to form a 20 man raid.
  • Anything you want to add?
    Not that I am aware of right now, but feel free to ask. Smile

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Re: Example application, how an application should look like.

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:33 pm

Kudos to you sir, whisper an officer ingame to receive an invite to the guild.


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