Laps prot warrior

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Laps prot warrior

Post by Laps on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:32 pm

Character name: Laps
Class: Warrior
Talent spec you are applying with for the guild: Protection / Fury
Current Spec: 8/5/38
Relevant stats:

Str 293
Stam 424
Agi 104
Def 415 (have gear for cap)
ARMOR 7625
12.95% dodge
15% Parry
16% Block


Head: Helm of Wrath (zg enchanted)
Neck: Strength of Mugamba (revered)
Shoulders: Pauldrons of Might
Back: Sandstorm Cloak
Chest: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate
Wrists: Bracers of Heroism
Hands: Gauntlets of Might
Waist: Belt of Heroism
Legs: Legplates of Might (zg enchanted)
Feet: Sabatons of Might
Finger: Band of the Steadfast Hero
Finger: Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Trinket: Force of Will
Trinket: Vigilance Charm
Main Hand: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseaker
Shield: Draconian Deflector
Range Slot: Carapace Spine Crossbow

Raid experience RETAIL VANILLA:


Raid experience FEENIX WARSONG 12x:

ZG 6/6 and 2/4 Optional
Molten Core 10/10
Blacwing Lair 8/8
Onyxia's Lair 1/1
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 6/6
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 5/9
Naxxramas 0/15

Class/spec experience:
I first started raiding as a druid on feenix, so I started playing this character as an alt, but I like this character better now,
and have become quite good at tanking. I have tanked MC in two different guilds (one was ROLLBACK alts), as an extra also a pug onyxia.
Other than that I know all the fights an have a lot of friendly tank friends that can help me as to specific boss fights.
Location: Denmark
Age: 20

Do you know anyone in Legend?
I know a couple of guys that used to be in forsaken, that should be in your guild, I see Taurior in your progress pics.
What kind of person are you?
I'm a laidback dude, I enjoy the game, I enjoy my beer, I enjoy my woman. Mostly I just enjoy life. I'm a professional player, meaning, I will always have all pots/flasks etc and be ready to raid always.

Why do you want to join Legend?
Well I need to be in a guild that raids EU times, and I don't wanna get stuck with a mediocre guild farming
mc, now when naxx is around the corner, so I guess I'm kinda busy as my gear isn't that good yet.

What can you bring to the guild?
I have one word. I bring you: LAPS

Playing on any other character? I have a couple, Dabungle is originally mine, but my friend Dogmax plays him alot now too.
most alts are for proffs. I play(ed) a 5/8 T2 Druid healer on ally called Moonraiker

Have you been in any other guilds? Forsaken, Alixium, SARS (on dabungle only), ONE SHOT (this is also alixium, now they are ROLLBACK,
but you should know). ill do Amazing (all danish guild, wasn't serious enough tho). played one day in Rockwilders guild then realised they
were russian QQ

Anything you want to add?
I think it's all pretty much covered. feel free to ask me to post dps gear/stats, if you are full on protection warriors, I have some phat
dps gear too.


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Re: Laps prot warrior

Post by Birak on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:59 pm

Im sorry to decline you because we got already 8 tanks in guild and we cant rotate more as we do right now, good night mate.


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Re: Laps prot warrior

Post by jindo on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:57 pm

your skills are not good dabungle ;S.


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Re: Laps prot warrior

Post by nit on Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:11 pm

ur bad 8D

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Re: Laps prot warrior

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