SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

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SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

Post by Zenzus on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:39 pm

Character name: Zenzus
Class: Warlock
Talent spec(s) you are applying with for the guild: SM/Ruin
Current Specc: SM/Ruin
Relevant stats: This won't be relevant before i get the best pre-raid gear Smile My gear is "work in progress".. Going fast though!

Raid experience RETAIL VANILLA:
ZG 6/6 and 4/4 Optional
Molten Core 10/10
Blacwing Lair 8/8
Onyxia's Lair 1/1
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 6/6
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 7/9 (up to twins)
Naxxramas 7/15 (spider wing and abomination wing)

Raid experience FEENIX WARSONG 12x:
ZG 0/6 and 0/4 Optional
Molten Core 0/10
Blacwing Lair 0/8
Onyxia's Lair 0/1
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 0/6
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 0/9

Since I just started on this server I have no raid experience here.

Class/spec experience: 3 years in Vanilla. I played with Walcott in The Moo Mafia, which was a top raiding guild back then. That was also the guild i earned my raid experience from.

Location: Denmark

Do you know anyone in Legend, and if so, who?: As mentioned before i know Walcott, a former guildie. I also know Dorex and Gervig.

What kind of person are you?: I'm an open and helping person. In a raid i'm often silent unless I have something useful to say. I'm the guy you can borrow a potion from Smile

Why do you want to join Legend?: Walcott has talked highly of your achievements and your raiding progress ever since i started on the server. I find it attractive to relive old raiding instances from "back in the days" and from what I've heard your guild is an excellent choice if you wanna pursue that ambition.

What can you bring to the guild?: Positivity, a lending hand and some crazy dps once i get hold of some acceptable gear!

Playing on any other character?: Nope

How long have you played on Feenix, Warsong 12x?: A week

Have you been in any other guilds?: Not on here, but I've been in several high end guilds through the years.

Anything you want to add?: My gear is atm useless, but I'm working on getting the best possible pre-raid gear as quickly as possible. (Getting there very soon)


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Re: SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

Post by Walcott on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:46 pm

One of my fellow mates, really trustworthy and willing to sacrifise plently of hours progressing. He's a really dedicated PvE'er who I definitely can recommend to be a part of our warlock squad!

All in all, really good player +1 from here!

(I'll craft full bloodvine gear to him and farm the rest BiS preraid gear asap)

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Re: SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

Post by Funky on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:47 am

More danes is good.

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Re: SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

Post by Fjonk on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:36 am

We are full on warlocks atm but i'll whisper you if we ever get a free spot Smile
Declined and locked.

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Re: SM/Ruin - Warlock - Zenzus

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