nighttrain healing shaman.

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nighttrain healing shaman.

Post by nighttrain on Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:33 pm

Character name: Nighttrain

Class: Shaman

Talent spec you are applying with for the guild: Resto

Current Spec: 0/5/46

Relevant stats:

Intelect: 244

Spirit: 221

HB: 490

MP5: 34


Head: [Helm of the Lifegiver]
Neck: [Jeklik's Opaline Talisman]
Shoulders: [Pauldrons of Elements]
Back: [Hakkari Loa Cloak]
Chest: [Zandalar Augur's Hauberk]
Wrists: [Zandalar Augur's Bracers]
Hands: [Earthfury Gauntlets]
Waist: [Sash of Mercy]
Legs: [Legplates of Ten Storms]
Feet: [Earthfury Boots]
Finger: [Cauterizing Band]
Finger: [Primalist's Seal]
Trinket: [Zandalarian Hero Charm]
Trinket: [Shard of the Scale]
Main Hand: [Zulian Scepter of Rites][Totem of the Storm]
Held In Off-hand: [Draconian Aegis of the Legion]
Relic: sadly ive only got a dps totem.

Raid experience RETAIL VANILLA:

ZG 6/6 and 2/4 Optional
Molten Core 10/10
Blacwing Lair 7/8
Onyxia's Lair 1/1
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 6/6
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 1/9
Naxxramas 0/15

Raid experience FEENIX WARSONG 12x:

ZG 6/6 and 1/4 Optional
Molten Core 10/10
Blacwing Lair 8/8
Onyxia's Lair 1/1
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj 6/6
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj 0/9
Naxxramas 0/15

Class/spec experience:
I manely played a mage all thoose years but i started a shaman now and its the best thing ive done.
ive been a hardcore raider in tbc, wolk aswell.

Location: Sweden
Age: 25

Do you know anyone in Legend?
No im afrid not.

What kind of person are you?
Im a hard working head chef and spend most of my time in the kitchen while im not in azeroth.

Why do you want to join Legend?
My guild just broke up because of slacking people and i want to down bosses i dident while i played in vanilla.

What can you bring to the guild?
Positive attitude, and i promise i will give your healers a match in healing done.

Playing on any other character?
I have a mage and a warrior aswell but not in raiding gear.

How long have you played on Feenix, Warsong 12x?
12days in total played time.

Have you been in any other guilds?
Yes my old guild broke up, sad to see because i thought we had something going on. kings of the horde.

Anything you want to add?
No not that i have in mind right now seeya ingame Smile


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Re: nighttrain healing shaman.

Post by jindo on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:44 pm

Bzt shaman universe!


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